Commercial & Industrial

Rawcliffe & Co have extensive involvement in property advisory and valuation over a full range of urban commercial/industrial aspects including specialised use properties, tourism and hospitality sectors.

Some of our commercial services include Pre-purchase/pre sale market valuations, Rental determinations and Mortgage financing and more.

  • Lessor/Lessee interest
  • Leasehold ground rental determinations
  • Going Concern assessments
  • Insurance valuations
  • Compensation
  • Hypothetical subdivision and development feasibility
  • Negotiation, mediation and arbitration
  • Expert evidence
  • Pre-loss market valuations
  • Unit entitlement assessments


Rawcliffe & Co provides a comprehensive range of residential and lifestyle valuation services, assessments able to be made either from physical inspections for established properties or projected appraisals off proposed development plans.

Our services within these sectors include:

  • Pre-purchase/pre sale market valuations
  • Mortgage financing purposes
  • Pre-loss market valuations
  • Matrimonial property settlements
  • Unit entitlement assessments
  • Feasibility on proposed building extension/development
  • Progress certificates during construction
  • Compensation
  • Rental determinations